Canna Mommy Clinic

The CannaMommy Clinic is a free online resource.  It establishes a bridge between the patient and provider to allow open and honest dialogue. We eliminate stigma and provide a safe space to explore natural medicines. 20-minute consultations are provided by board-certified RN’s.  The clinic also offers a variety of free or reduced rate online educational classes, webinars, live in-person events, and sponsorships.  It provides resources for mothers to learn about products and up-to-date legal information. 

20 Minute Consultation with Board Certified Nurses

Meet Our Nurses:

Jessilyn Dolan, RN, CMT, CLD 

Jessilyn serves on the Board of Directors for the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA), a national organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge base of endocannabinoid therapeutics among nurses, and is chair of the ACNA Sponsorship and Partnership Committee. Jessilyn is vice president of the American Nurses Association-Vermont (ANA-VT) and the ANA-VT Government Affairs Committee chair. Jessilyn is the founder and president of the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association (VTCNA). ANA-VT and VTCNA are collaboratively launching an education program in 2021 to educate all Vermont medical professionals and patients about medicinal cannabis.

Jessilyn has decades of experience as both a birth worker and labor and delivery nurse. Jessilyn co-founded the University of Vermont Medical Center’s Volunteer Labor Doula Program and has trained hundreds of doulas over the years. She was a Faculty Labor Doula Instructor for the last decade for CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Association), and a national speaker and advocate for vulnerable families. She is on CAPPA’s Scholarship Committee and serves on the Vermont Lactation Association Conference Committee. She formerly worked as a labor and delivery nurse and managed a residential treatment facility for pregnant and parenting families for substance use recovery, medication-assisted treatment, and newborn withdrawal. Jessilyn is a relentless advocate for vulnerable families and continues to work as a labor doula and childbirth educator. 

Jessilyn currently works as a research nurse at the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine, Center on Behavior and Health in clinical research, specializing in opioid use, substance use, and mental health disorders. She completed the University of Vermont’s Cannabis Science and Medicine Professional Certificate program and Radicle Health‘s Clinical Education program. Her soon-to-be-published article “Breast/Chestfeeding and Marijuana Use: Recommendations from the Field Post Marijuana Legalization In Vermont” is a five-year follow-up study, one-year post-legalization, to “Surveying Lactation Professionals Regarding Marijuana Use and Breastfeeding.”

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